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Propose a volunteering action

The YouthBuild participants are encouraged during the program to participate in volunteering actions to serve their community. If your organization has an action planned for november 2016 – february 2017, where you could use the help of 16 young people as volunteers, for a day for more, please write to us. Fill up the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.


Describe the proposed volunteering action. What kind of activities will the participants do? Who will they help and in what way?

Where will the volunteering action take place? (the adress of your organization or the place of activity)

How many days will the YouthBuild participants spend as volunteers?
one daytwo daysthree daysmore than three days

When would you need this volunteering action to start?

In 2015, we renovated the amphitheatre in the Detunata Park.

In 2015, the Thesaurus association came to us with the proposal of renovating the amphitheatre in the Detunata park. For a week, the YouthBuild participants met in the park, cleaned up the old paint from the amphitheater, painted over a new coat and removed the wooden benches to have them varnished.

Listen to the experience of the YouthBuild 2015 participants, who renovated the amphitheater in the Detunata Park.