How the members of the Day Center for Elderly no 1 became models at our professional courses

An important component of YouthBuild Cluj is the professional qualification that the students receive during the program. The young people learn to be hairdressers, make manicure and pedicure, or drive transport cars (lorries). In the hairdressing and manicure-pedicure courses, it is very important for the young students to practice what they get to learn [...]

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The third YouthBuild generation will graduate in May

A new group of 19 YouthBuild students have started their activities at the beginning of March. The young people, with ages between 16 and 35, have applied to the program to obtain a professional qualification, a driving license and participate in nonformal education activities and English classes. The first course was an opportunity of [...]

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The second YouthBuild Cluj generation

In November 2016, a new YouthBuild generation of 12 students, started their courses and activities. The young students, aged up to 26 years old, hadn’t been in employment, education or training when the opportunity of participating in the YouthBuild program showed up. Some of them were struggling with being out on their own, after having [...]

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