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YouthBuild Cluj is a local program developed for young people living in modest conditions, who need a pathway towards a workplace, entrepreneurship skills and the opportunity to lead a life that brings well being to themselves and their community. The program implements an international model, developed by YouthBuild International in over 15 countries in the world.

What we do

We teach young people how to use their voice for themselves and those around them. YouthBuild participants develop leadership competencies, get involved in their communities, learn to start and implement a project. They become more responsible and more confident in their ability to control their day to day lives, and how to contribute to their wellbeing and the well being of their community.

YouthBuild participants earn a recognized qualification in a job (construction or other blue/pink collar work). They also participate in personal development courses, cultural and volunteering activities. In the end, they receive a certificate that proves their experience.

Earning a professional qualification includes a practical component for the participants. Moreso, they will participate in renovation and construction work on the Habitat for Humanity Cluj worksites, where they will volunteer in building simple, decent and accesible homes for low-income families.

We encourage YouthBuild participants in getting involved in their own community. They volunteer to build decent homes for families in need with Habitat for Humanity Cluj. We also partner with other organizations who need short volunteer interventions to help their community.

About YouthBuild International

YouthBuild programs all over the world open pathways towards education, workplaces, entrepreneurship and other opportunities that lead young people towards a productive life where they are involved in their community. The programs facilitate a space where your people can channel their potential towards rebuilding their lives and their communities. In this way, young people break the cycle of poverty and make a commitment towards work, education, family and community.