We started the pilot project

//We started the pilot project

We started the pilot project

We started the activities on the 27th June, together with 28 young people that are part of the Pata Rât communities. The young people are participating in a construction work qualification course, nonformal education activities and personal development. The practical work of the course will be done on the Habitat for Humanity Cluj worksite in Jucu, where the young people will help build 15 simple, decent and accessible homes for low-income families.

The first outing to the worksite felt like a field trip, and the participants didn’t hesitate to get to work from the beginning. They measured and put up structural reinforcements and mounted OSB boards on the exterior walls of a home.

The program will continue until the end of october, when once the participants graduate, they will receive support in finding a work place. But until then, there are still many days left to be spent on the worksite and in the classroom, learning new things and gaining new experiences.

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